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2014-04-04 16:08:40
Job Losses in the Recession

Employment loss during the our great recession has been brutal.  It is astounding to see people graduating from college with a bachelors or even higher degree still struggling to find a job.  I am, by no mean, an old timer.  But I will say that I remember 15 years ago when my sister graduated from high school find a job was not a problem at all.  She quickly found a job, right out of high school, with a company where she had no connections, making $15 an hour for doing little more than answering a phone and working on her college homework.  That is unheard of now.  And we are not adverse to hard work but even willing to work hard, work is hard to come by.

The graph below shows the percentage of job losses in recessions post WWII.  Our current recession is shown with the big red line that dips down to over 6% loss at our lowest point.  The visual of all the recessions are aligned at the lowest points.



Now look at the same graph aligned differently. 

This graph has aligned all the recessions at the start of the recession.  This allows us to see the enormous depth of our recession and the slow recovery we are currently working through.  Though, we are recovering.

Although we have struggled greatly with the great recession as a country and in our individual lives it's important to recognize that hard times build something in each of us.  We're making it.


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